Evolving e-Commerce for the Foodservice Industry.

eFoodUSA is a value-added e-commerce provider of Internet-based Solutions and Services specializing in the Food Service Industry.

eFoodUSA's primary objective is to integrate the requirements of the Operator, Distributor and Manufacturer into a user-friendly, web-based solution for Direct Order Entry, Inventory and Operator Reporting.

The intention is to enhance operations of all three components of the Food Service Distribution chain.

This has been accomplished with the premier development of a comprehensive product that can standardize the Order Entry process while being compatible with existing systems.

The genesis of eFoodUSA occurred in mid-1998 when a FoodService Distributor had the desire to develop this type of web-based system. The system evolved and was shaped with significant input from the three FoodService communities that it would ultimately help.

The resulting innovations were so successful that several business people from various areas of the FoodService and Technology community incorporated eFoodUSA in late 1999. The resulting synergy of professionals will insure that the state of the industry is represented and anticipated.

eFoodUSA is headquartered at 107 East Highland Avenue, Elgin, IL. The organizational team has assembled a staff of Sales Representatives, Developers and Technicians to serve the emerging FoodService e-commerce needs.

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