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"I’ve worked with our eFood site from an IT perspective for years but have really come to appreciate its capabilities after using the site in a Sales capacity during the past year. I’ve found the site’s features and flexibility incredibly effective in solving some rather tricky challenges we have faced with a large multi-unit account. Great product."

Martin Clapp
Wood Fruitticher Grocery Company

"We have received many positive comments from our customers about the online ordering program. We most often hear that the program is easy to use, convenient because it can be accessed at any time from any location with internet capability, and that the product search and reporting features are a definite plus."

Tom Gillett
Indianhead Foodservice Distributor

"Ordering is a breeze. The report section is great, it makes my end of month easier with the usage reports. Change is not always a simple thing but with your point and click ordering it was very easy and welcome!!


John Wolf
Executive Chef
Colemans Restaurant & Catering

"I am really pleased with the new ordering system. It has proven to be a great timesaver for me. I use the online product catalog several times a day. That saves me phone calls and saves your buyers' time! In November, we used the inventory function to calculate our inventory. I also just printed a consolidated report for all my schools' usage of pizza for my commodity cheese rebate. This is the best invention since sliced bread!"

Constance G. Mueller, M.S., R.D.
Director of Food Services
Bloomington Public Schools


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