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Attention all Vendors, Suppliers and Manufacturers!

If you provide products to Foodservice Distributors throughout the United States, and are interested in FREE marketing to the tens of thousands of customers who order online, then you won't want to miss this opportunity!

We want your product information!

Sending eFoodUSA your product information is a great way to provide this information to a customer when it counts the most — when they are deciding on purchasing your products!
See below for a list of product information specifications.

Your product information will be available for display on our eFoodUSA-powered websites, available to tens of thousands of foodservice operators nation-wide!

Product information can be accessed from both the Product Search section and the Order Guides in the Place Order section. See some examples of these pages below.

Contact us today, and start building your list of available product information!

Once you have signed up for a user name and password, product information may be submitted in our Online Product Information Entry System 24/7! Product information already in electronic format may also be sent directly to eFoodUSA according to our file spec, and it will be uploaded ASAP!

Give your items the advantage with additional product information!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then what would a picture plus sales, packaging, preparation and nutrition information be worth? Hopefully worth a sale! Don't forget, this is a completely FREE service to you!

eFoodUSA offers two easy ways to get your information submitted!

Either a file-upload method for data already in electronic format or an Online Product Information Entry System is available for submitting information. Download our tri-fold brochure to learn more about our Vendor PIES! Contact us at 847-888-3202 or e-mail: for your file spec or your Vendor PIES user name and password.

Examples of where your Product Information will be displayed:
(Click graphics for a larger view of the pages where product information can be viewed.)
(A) (B) (C) (D)
Examples from the Products Search Section of a (A) Search Results Page and a few of the Additional Information Pages as a result of clicking the corresponding additional information buttons -- (B) Nutritional Information Page, (C) Product Picture Page, (D) Preparation Page (Sales & Marketing and Packaging & Storage Pages not shown).

(A) (B)

Examples of an (A) Order Guide Page and the (B) Additional Information Page as a result of clicking the Item Number Link on the order guide (Note: This additional information page will open into a new window so as not to lose the customer's place while navigating through his/her order guide.

Product Information Specifications

***The key to product information is the 14-digit case UPC number.***
Product information submitted to eFoodUSA must include a UPC number for each item.
(If you have not yet assigned UPC numbers to your items, you may get more information about assigning UPC numbers at: Please note, the item’s UPC number does not have to be on the package or include a bar code, it simply needs to be assigned to the product.)

General Product Information:

  • 14-Digit UPC
  • Item Description / Name
  • Pack Size
  • MFG Item Number
  • Supplier Name
  • Brand /Name
  • Case Cube (cu. ft.)
  • Gross Case Weight

Sales/Marketing Information

  • Description of product
  • Features and benefits

Preparation/Cooking Instructions

  • Ready to eat
  • Cooking instructions
  • Recipes/Serving suggestions

Packaging/Storage Information

  • How to store product and where
  • Type of container item is packaged in (ex. glass/plastic bottles, bag, tub, etc.)
  • Portion / pack size
  • Case Weight (Gross, Net)
  • Shelf life
  • Freezer/Refrigerator shelf life

Nutritional Information

  • Serving size
  • Calories / Calories from Fat
  • Ingredients
  • Kosher Code
  • Nutrient amounts (up to one decimal place)
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • USDV Percentage

School Equivalents

  • Serving Size
  • Meat, Fruit, Grain, Milk components
  • Child Nutrition Label

Picture of Product

  • Requested in .JPG format
  • 250 X 250 pixels maximum height/width

MSDS for Non-Food Items

  • .PDF file of the Material Safety Data Sheets for chemical precautions, directions for use, suggested uses, etc.