Product Search

Operators penetrate their own account by searching new items!

Search by Item Number

If the operator knows the item number, it can be entered and directly searched.

Search by Description

Enter any word or fragment used in the item description to display a list of relevant items.

Search by Category

Search via a drop down list of item categories provided by the Distributor. Only items from the category selected will display.

Search by Vendor

Search via a drop down list of manufacturers or vendors. Only the selected vendor’s items will display.

Combined Search

Combinations of the above searches can also be used. For example, if “tender” was typed into the Description Search, and “Brakebush” is selected under Vendor Search, the resulting list of items would show only Brakebush tenders.

Product Information

When available, the following Product Information Buttons appear. Users may click to view.
PACK=packaging and storage
PREP=prep & cooking instructions
SALES=sales and marketing
PHOTO=product picture
MFG=manufacturer's website
MSDS=material safety data sheet

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